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The Right to Access

Yes, we're open to everyone, please read

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Last Sale of the Year

It's the last sale of 2021, don't miss out on AMAZING deals on PREMIUM STRAINS

Last Few Days of Christmas

There's only a few days left for the 12 days of Christmas!

Holiday Sales Schedule

For this Holiday Season, don't get caught unprepared! Here's a list of our upcoming Sales

The Medicine Box's 3 Phase MDBX Cannabis Testing Certification Process

Here at The Medicine Box Cannabis Dispensary in Kanesatake (Oka), we take Cannabis quality and safety of use very seriously. That’s why we’re one of the very few dispensaries in Canada to test our flowers and concentrate products on-site and in our own lab.

Cannabis 101: What you need to know

The cannabis market is absolutely booming nowadays and never has this wonderful plant been more popular. Never has it been easier to access information on our favorite bud-bearers and yet, many are still misinformed. No more! Here is your quintessential guide to the cannabis plant, The Medicine Box edition.

halloween special

It's Halloween and do we have the deals to satisfy your sweet tooth! Be sure to drop in on the 31st to get these sweet deals!

Cannabis Consumption 101

It’s a glorious era for any would-be canna-enthusiast out there. Weed is legal in a lot of places, growing more and more accepted and even drawing in droves of interested psychonauts who may be curious as to why Cheech and Chong love it so much. From four foot bongs to scented balms, here is our homage to human consumption: marijuana edition.

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