Tired of waiting in line?

🌿 We're super happy to present our Curb side pickup system!!🌿

Step 1. Browse the Menu

If you're ready to jump right in, head on over to our Menu. Clicking a menu item will show more information about the product, we try to put in as much information as we can but we strongly encourage you try stuff for yourself! Cannabis is a wonderful world and we highly encourage you to diversify your use of it. Once you're in the menu, you can start building your cart:

Step 2. Adding Items to 🛒

See something you like? When you're browsing, you'll see the various sizes we have on different products; When you click on a product, it'll open up more info on it. From there you can click the different sizes to see their respective prices. Click the Add to Cart button on the detail screen to add the item to your order. Items that come in varying sizes and/or weights have an option for you to select which size is right.

Step 3. Review Your Order

Once you're ready to checkout you can review your order. You may add/remove quantity here, or remove an item entirely. Inactive carts are canceled after 10 minutes - Make sure to review your final order when you're ready to proceed!

Step 4. Provide Basic Info and Checkout

You'll need to provide a name and phone number. If this is the first time you're using our service, we'll need you to bring valid ID to confirm you're of legal age. Once verified, you're good to go and benefit from our Loyalty Program - The very same 2% you've grown accustomed to. Once you've entered the info and confirmed your stuff, hit "CHECKOUT"

Step 5. Check your 📱

You'll get a text soon to let you know your order is ready for pickup along with your order #, it should only take a few minutes so you can start putting on your shoes and getting ready to head out!

Step 6. Skip that line 😎!!

When you show up, mention your order number at the door and you'll be able to go straight in and pick up your goodies - No more waiting in line

Quick Notes:

  • We only take Cash as payment
  • We DO NOT offer deliveries