🌱 God's Strawb

Jordan OT Island - hybrid

God’s Strawberry Cough – 12 seeds. Flowering Time 45 – 55 Days Location Indoor / Outdoor Type: Indica One of Jordan of the Island’s fastest flowering marijuana seeds. God’s Strawberry Cough produces dense buds that have have a zesty berry island flavor and a powerful unwinding vibe. This is great medical marijuana for people with serious pain problems. God’s Strawberry Cough seeds produce a short marijuana plant with a heavy fat dense center cola and little side branching. The strain is exceedingly easy to grow marijuana and responds beautifully to slight adjustments in nutrients and watering by seasoned growers. Experienced marijuana growers will delight in a marijuana plant that fattens huge and novice growers who pay attention to their plants can achieve impressive results too. Strawberry Cough is very easy to grow, fun to grow, short and squat, very fast flowering, with heavy dense centre cola, and is ample yielding.

Gods Strawberry Cough
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